Community Standards

Bowman Report has the right to remove inappropriate or offensive language as deemed by the Bowman Report. We strongly believe in the right to share personal views in a respectful manner for other readers. For best practices, please follow the guidelines below when commenting on this platform:

Courtesy & Respect

We choose to be kind and polite to one another. We don't have to agree on everything - in fact, we believe that it's beneficial to have varied views and perspectives. However, we encourage all members to be constructive and tactful when sharing their opinions. Everyone deserves to share their thoughts and ideas in our community, as long as they are respectful toward others.

Thoughtful Language

We choose to be mindful of how our words and tone might be understood. We've learned that written communication has the potential to be easily misinterpreted, especially by members from different cultures and backgrounds. For instance, sometimes sarcasm is not so easily translated to other languages. If there's a moment when someone says something that feels offensive, it's very likely that they didn't mean to upset anyone and it was just a misunderstanding or miscommunication. However, if you felt hurt or offended by anything that's been said by someone in the discussion, please report via email at to review.